Baby, it’s still cold outside!   Check out Gro-suits for added warmth and coziness...


Though Spring is technically just a couple of weeks away, winter seems to be hanging in there, with many blustery days and chilly nights (especially in climates like mine, in Ottawa!). So, imagine how thrilled I was to find out that one of my favourite cozy baby sleep products – the Gro-suit – is finally available in Canada!

When my daughter was still using a sleep sack (she’s in a big-girl bed now! Eek!), as much as I loved (and continue to adore!) sleep bags, I often found that her arms seemed clammy during those cold fall and winter nights. Her simple, cotton sleepers just weren’t always cutting it. I jumped online to do some research for options that might keep her arms warmer without overheating her body. Cue: Gro-suits!


The Gro-suit, made by The Gro Company (makers of the Gro Clock and the Gro Anywhere Blind, among other amazing products) has been designed to be used in colder temperatures along with a sleep bag.


What’s unique (and awesome!) about the Gro-suit is the quilted sleeves that keep your baby’s arms warm, with no need for additional bedding or layers. It’s designed to be worn with a sleep bag when the temperature dips below 16 degrees celsius. What’s even better is that the rest of the sleepsuit has a single fabric layer only, so while your baby’s arms stay warm, the rest of your baby’s body does not get overheated. Genius!! 



The best part? The Gro-suit is finally available in Canada! When my daughter was still in a crib and using a sleep bag, this fantastic product was like a mythical unicorn to me, only available in the UK and not available for shipment overseas. I actually had a friend in London find a store, buy four of the sleepsuits, and mail them all the way to me in Ottawa! Your journey to a Gro-suit will be much shorter: Oyaco Products, the distributor of Gro Company products in Canada, now carries this oh-so-awesome sleep accessory!


Check out these suits to get your little one through the rest of this long winter and into the chilly spring with added coziness! Know someone expecting a baby later this year? The Gro-suit makes a fantastic and unique shower gift! Mama friends will thank you for uncovering this hidden sleep gem!




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