Key sleep tips & more! · 13. April 2018
If you already have a young child and are preparing for your second (or third!), one thing’s for sure – you should never expect all your children to have the same sleeping patterns/habits. Dominique de Bourgknecht, Mom of three and Owner of baby deedee sleep gear, guest blogged for The Happy Sleep Company this month, providing some great tips on how she manages sleep routines when two (or three!) children are involved!
Infant Massage · 21. March 2018
Guest blog by Sarah Rennick, RMT Raise your hand if you have ever fallen asleep during a massage! Most people correlate massage with deep relaxation, and an A+ nap is usually the collateral from this. Have you ever noticed that the night after having a massage you experience a more restful sleep? This isn't a coincidence! Read on to learn about the benefits of infant massage for sleep!
Time changes · 27. February 2018
Yes, the moving forward of the clocks by one hour is generally much easier on families with young children than the dreaded Fall Back. However, if the upcoming time change still has you a bit nervous about disruptions in your child's sleep schedule, here are some strategies for managing.
Travel · 30. January 2018
I always tell families to make their child's sleep environment dark, quiet, and comfy for optimal sleep. Here are my top tips and hacks for keeping these elements in place while travelling!
Naps · 30. January 2018
One of the most common questions I get from parents is when to expect that their child will be ready to transition to one nap, instead of two. Let's talk about the signs that your child might be ready for just one nap each day, and how to make the transition as smooth as possible!
Key sleep tips & more! · 14. January 2018
When you don’t sleep well, your whole life gets thrown out of whack. While this is frustrating for everybody, it can be particularly problematic for a single parent. Daniel from provided this guest blog, with the secrets that help his own single-parent home get better sleep!
Key sleep tips & more! · 27. December 2017
With the ball dropping in just a few days, it’s time to think about starting off the new year with great habits and good health; and what better way to do that than with proper sleep?! Don’t forget, it’s not only our kids who can benefit from proper sleep habits and bedtime routines – we adults can learn a thing or two from the habits we try to instil in our little ones. Here are four tips to help you AND your kiddo get great sleep this year:
Holidays · 13. December 2017
It’s that time of year! The holidays are a fantastic time of year for reconnecting with family, starting new traditions, and taking part in exciting holiday activities; but, none of these is particularly joyful or full of cheer alongside an exhausted wee one who has missed three days of naps or gone to bed way past bedtime for the past week! Here are five tips for keeping sleep on track this holiday season (it can be done, I swear!)
Key sleep tips & more! · 29. November 2017
In this blog, let’s talk about the basics of your child’s room environment, and find a balance between a room that is WAY to distracting for proper sleep, and one that is still fun and inviting for your little one. To do this, I’ve teamed up with Nevine from MiniSeed - an amazing company devoted to creative interiors for kids - to get expert advice on colour, layout, and fun in your child’s sleep space!
Sleep regressions · 04. November 2017
So, your previously perfect sleeper has just turned 18 months and is suddenly battling bedtime. Or, your already-challenging night-waker is now two-years-old and naps are recently non-existent while nights are an even bigger struggle. Brace yourself, mama: Your little one has likely just hit the “18-month sleep regression.”

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