Philosophy & Approach

My philosophy is that well-rested children are happier and better-able to learn from the world around them; well-rested parents are more patient, and more present for their children; and, well-rested families are healthier, happier, and more able to enjoy each other. 


With every skill that your child will learn – be it rolling, crawling, pulling to stand, or even taking solid foods – you will be guiding them, supporting them, and offering love and reassurance all throughout the process. I believe sleep should be treated the same way, with you guiding your child through the course of learning to sleep independently. This is how children learn best. 


I am a mom – I understand that helping your child through a big change can be overwhelming, and even a little scary. That’s ok – I am here to help you through this process, every step of the way. It is my wish for every parent that your family live a healthy, rested life – it is what children and parents need, and what families deserve.

A note about tears

I am often asked if my approach is "cry it out." It is not. "Cry it out" is a method of sleep training that is also often referred to as "extinction," and involves leaving your child alone until they fall asleep without support. This is not my approach. It is very important to me, and to the entire process of your child successfully learning independent sleep, that you be there for your child to provide ongoing support, guidance, love and reassurance as they are learning.


It is also very important to understand, however, that - while my approach will not have you leaving your child to simply “figure out” independent sleep on their own – there will inevitably be tears involved when your child is learning any new skill, and learning healthy sleep habits is no exception. What is important is that I help my clients manage the protest that comes along with their child undergoing a big change and learning a new skill, so that they learn quickly with tons of love and consistency. 

Erin Junker, M.A.

Ottawa Sleep Consultant

Founder, The Happy Sleep Company


tf: 613-404-4478



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