Key sleep tips & more! · 17. March 2019
Is a pacifier a sleep prop? Yep (even when baby can put it back in on his own) Many parents, even those who are well-Googled on the issue of sleep props, express to me that they feel a pacifier (or “soother”) is not a sleep prop. Why? Because their baby is old enough to have mastered replacing the soother when he wakes and notices it’s fallen out. So, why do I still consider a pacifier a sleep prop, even when baby can pop it back in on his own? Find out here!
Travel · 15. March 2019
I know, I know, the title of this blog is ridiculous. It’s like a bunch of oxymorons all rolled into one hilarious, nonsensical line. But, it’s true – this sleep consultant, her husband, and her four-and-a-half-year-old, princess-loving, Minnie-mouse-adoring daughter, recently took Walt Disney World by storm. Here’s the tale of how we did it, while keeping sleep on track (for the most part!), and my top tips for doing Disney right, without sending your kiddo whirling into sleep debt.
Key sleep tips & more! · 03. February 2019
Everyone has heard the story of their friend’s sister’s college roomate’s brother who sucked his thumb until he was 12 and thus required extensive dental surgery to repair his teeth. Is this an urban legend? No. Is it by any means the norm? It is not. Thumb sucking: It’s one of the biggest concerns I hear from parents, most especially when we are working on removing a pacifier as a sleep crutch – “But, won’t he start to suck his thumb then? Isn’t that worse?!” The short answer: No, it’s not.
Naps · 21. January 2019
You’ve rocked your baby to sleep; you’ve tip-toed over to the crib and ever-so-gently put her down; you’ve ninja’d your way out of the nursery using a brightly-coloured sticky note map on the floor to avoid the creaks in the hardwoods; and… you’re out! You did it! Baby stayed asleep! … And then exactly 45 minutes later the monitor lights up and your baby is awake… Every. Single. Time. The 45-minute nap is really common, and there are a few specific reasons why - read on!
Key sleep tips & more! · 28. December 2018
With the ball dropping in just a few days, it’s time to think about starting off the new year with great habits and good health; and what better way to do that than with proper sleep?! Don’t forget, it’s not only our kids who can benefit from proper sleep habits and bedtime routines – we adults can learn a thing or two from the habits we try to instil in our little ones. Here are four tips to help you AND your kiddo get great sleep this year:
Naps · 19. December 2018
While every baby is different, there are some sleep generalities that simply can’t be ignored, and one of those is when to make certain nap transitions. One of the most common conversations I have with parents is the awkward daytime scheduling that comes along with ages five-to-seven months, and how to decide on two naps or three each day.
Key sleep tips & more! · 04. December 2018
Here you go, Grandma and Grandpa! My key tips and advice about your grandbaby’s sleep, and how to help your own child as he or she navigates new parenthood and the exhaustion that can come with it!
Moving · 02. October 2018
Amidst the excitement and anticipation that comes along with moving to a new home, many parents are concerned about how this big change might affect their child’s sleep. Moving to a new home absolutely does not (and should not!) mean a disruption to your child’s sleep. Here’s how to keep sleep on track when putting down new roots.
Key sleep tips & more! · 07. September 2018
By implementing a great bedtime routine for children, we are not only helping their bodies and brains prepare for sleep, but are also building in a daily opportunity to nurture the parent-child relationship. It’s a time to reflect on the day, snuggle, read, and discuss some of the important things on your child’s mind. Erin Junker, Founder of The Happy Sleep Company, shared her tips on a great bedtime routine for babies and toddlers with Matter Company!
Key sleep tips & more! · 13. April 2018
If you already have a young child and are preparing for your second (or third!), one thing’s for sure – you should never expect all your children to have the same sleeping patterns/habits. Dominique de Bourgknecht, Mom of three and Owner of baby deedee sleep gear, guest blogged for The Happy Sleep Company this month, providing some great tips on how she manages sleep routines when two (or three!) children are involved!

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