Holidays · 13. December 2017
It’s that time of year! The holidays are a fantastic time of year for reconnecting with family, starting new traditions, and taking part in exciting holiday activities; but, none of these is particularly joyful or full of cheer alongside an exhausted wee one who has missed three days of naps or gone to bed way past bedtime for the past week! Here are five tips for keeping sleep on track this holiday season (it can be done, I swear!)
Holidays · 22. October 2017
Given that she just turned five, this will really only be my little girl’s second year of maxing out Halloween – the costume, the candy, shyly idling up to every door in our neighbourhood to trick her way into tons of great treats… and, she could not be more excited! Once our kiddos really grasp the whole concept of Halloween, they can’t get enough of it! So, how do we keep sleep on track amidst all this candy and chaos?! Here are my top tips for sleep success this Halloween eve.
Holidays · 20. June 2017
Summer vacation can throw your family’s sleep schedules for a loop. Here are my top tips for having a fantastic, fun-filled summer, while getting your family all the healthy sleep they need:
Holidays · 11. April 2017
It’s almost Easter! That means many little ones are already completely hyped up, waiting for the arrival of the cotton-tailed candy monster! Easter is an exciting time for kiddos, and a great time for families to spend time with one another, catch up, and reconnect. But, like most holidays and long weekends, Easter often means a change in routine, long days of travel, and an overall disruption to the regular weekend flow of your family’s proper rest. Here are my top tips for keeping sleep...

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