Sleep regressions

Sleep regressions · 04. November 2017
So, your previously perfect sleeper has just turned 18 months and is suddenly battling bedtime. Or, your already-challenging night-waker is now two-years-old and naps are recently non-existent while nights are an even bigger struggle. Brace yourself, mama: Your little one has likely just hit the “18-month sleep regression.”
Sleep regressions · 08. August 2017
Just a few short weeks ago, you felt like you had this whole newborn sleep thing under control. Then, without warning, something changed. Those blissful two-hour naps started looking a lot more like 45-minutes, and those one-or-two night wakes turned into four-or-five. What happened?! It is very likely that your baby has hit the four-month sleep regression. Here's what that means, and some tips for getting through it!

Erin Junker, M.A.

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